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49th Parallel Vodka

About 49th Parallel Vodka

49th Parallel Ultra-Premium Vodka is the first vodka in North America to carry a “Certified Gluten-Free” designation and it is also “GMO free”. Hand-Crafted using our proprietary Continuous Cold Filtering technlogy, “49th” is made with pure Canadian Spring water sourced from Northern Ontario for its unique mineral composition, to create a smooth, silky vodka masterpiece.

It’s Truly UnParalleled !

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Fills A Hole In The Spirits Industry

There is a great insufficiency of everyday “Gluten-Free” spirituous products available to a private consumer or public vendor marketplace. 49th Parallel Ultra-Premium fills that hole.

Multi-Purpose Advantage

Gluten-Free consumer products carry the stigma of not tasting as good as Gluten-based Consumer Products. In recent consumer taste tests, 49th Parallel Ultra-Premium compares favorably to all leading vodka brands.

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