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Embajador Tequila


The Valley of Tequila is a slice of paradise touched by the hands of the divine Mixtec, where for centuries the red soil has nourished the agave.

Moistened by crystalline waters, Atotonilco el Alto is the fertile ground where tradition, magic and opportunity have conspired to forge the finest tequila in the world.

The agaves tell stories of scents, flavors and sensations that glide from palate to palate, creating new legends that will live on in our memories.

Keenly observant, the ancient peoples of this area stumbled across agaves that singed by wildfire, had begun to emit the sweet liquid known as aguamiel (“honeywater”).

It was the Spaniard, ever-talented with the still, who fired the fermented nectar until its lighter spirits escaped and condensed into a coarse firewater.

The process improved with the passage of time, as ancient Spanish earthenware designs were replicated and gave birth to Mexico’s first fired-clay distilleries.

Beginning in the 1950’s the tequila industry adopted the best of modern technology and expanded production by planting agave in new areas. Able to attain a superior consistency of result, distilleries flourished.




In this luminous Platinum Tequila the first impression of aromas highlights an intense cooked agave followed by citrus fruits of lime, lemon, and grapefruit.

In our grand golden Premium Tequila the cooked agave aroma is intense with delicate herbal & fruit like aromas of cherry, banana, lime and a bit of grapefruit.

A fond of sweet cooked agave aromas entice the senses with tones of caramel, vanilla and coffee in this supreme tequila.Fruit bearing and spice like aromas complete this well crafted Anejo style.

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Our award winning tequila has been recognized around the world. From our prize-winning Platinum to our Premium, there’s no denying the Ambassador is one of the finest tequilas to enjoy.


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