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Two Bald Guys

About Two Bald Guys

Two Bald Guys got together for a few beers one afternoon at our favorite beer and brewery supply store. We talked at great length about the craft beer revolution. The many different styles, ingredients and brewing processes included in great craft beer.

As you can imagine the longer we discussed the subject of beer the more excited we became. We discovered that we both had a passion for the industry and decided to take the next step in our evolution, Commercial Craft Brewing.

With this in mind, we chose to pledge our devotion to produce great craft beer. So as luck would have it, we chose to take on our issues with being bald and start brewing our own brand of beer while making fun of ourselves.

We plan to expand our portfolio by developing recipe’s Tom our Brew Master has worked to prefect over several years.

Our commitment is to develop a standard of fine quality products made from only the best ingredients available

Cheers & Please Drink responsibly while out there having fun!

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West Coast India Pale Ale

Our West Coast IPA is a full bodied beer with a hard hitting hop aroma of Grapefruit and Orange with a whisper of earthiness. The complex malt profile is comprised of clean caramel and grainy malt notes that complement the aggressive hop bitterness that leaves this beer well balanced in the finish.

two-bald- guys-rye

Rye Pale Ale

Our Rye Pale Ale has wonderfully assertive hop aroma notes of Tropical Fruit, Apricot and Grapefruit balanced with a spicy caramel sweetness. The finish starts with a spicy maltiness smoothing out to a mild bitterness that dries out for a crisp balance rarely experienced.

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